Why Canine Rehabilitation?

One of the newest advances in veterinary medicine is in the field of physical therapy rehabilitation. Pet rehabilitation is individually designed to accelerate recovery after surgery or trauma, but is especially effective in maintaining quality of life for aging pets.

Research indicates that loss of muscle mass begins within 72 hours of inactivity. After trauma or surgery, an increase in swelling occurs causing increased tissue death, in addition to loss of muscle control and stiffening joints, if rehabilitation is delayed.

At Pawsitive Results K-9 Rhabiliation we service patients from many area veternarian's practices.

Out patient referrals to Pawsitive Results Canine Rehabilitation's private practice require all pertinent medical background records as well as a referral form from the animal's general practice veterinarian.

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Referral Form

We feel that establishing a relationship with your primary care veterinarian is crucial. A referral form from your veterinarian and any medical history related to your pet's problem is a necessity to begin treatment.

You may schedule appointments directly by speaking with Gayle Hickok at (207) 615-1952 or (207) 799-3932.

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