Beau Budd

History: 7 years old white male boxer 9-4-09 is presented to MVRC with history of neck pain plus history of cancer resulting in the removal of his left forelimb toe. In addition to this there is evidence of a partial CCL tear to the left knee.

Treatment: Conservative management of the possible bulging vertebral disc and the ligament injury in the knee. Individual home program, laser treatments, and hydrotherapy used.

Ollie in the Hydrotreadmill


History: Was brought to Pawsitive Results because he was suffering from disc disease in his neck and was unable to move normally. He needed two surgeries to correct the pressure on his spinal cord, but was lying primarily on his side for three weeks after the operation. At Tender Touch Veterinary Hospital, Our rehabilitation therapist, Gayle Hickok, began low level laser treatments, therapeutic massage, hot and cold therapies, corrective exercises and the use of motivational toys on a daily basis. After the third session, Ollie stood up and greeted her at the kennel door. After the fifth session he shakily walked outside to relieve himself on the snowbank. We have since added the hydro-treadmill to his rehabilitation program. He was supported entirely by his loving family!


History: Norman was an eight week old golden retriever puppy who was shaken by a large dog which caused a spinal cord injury. When he arrived at MVRC he was unable to use his legs and would only lie on his side. Surgery was not an option so we started a program of physical rehabilitation immediately.

Treatments: The video shows two sessions from the first and third days of treatment.The second day I used another little puppy to motivate him and he tried his best to chase her and nearly succeeded-wished we had gotten that video! Norman went home on day three, walking with very little assistance. He started aquatic therapy in his home town, made the swim team, and is a healthy one year old today.


Meet Tucker, my 10 year old pug patient who I first met in March, 2012, at MVRC. He was overweight (44 lbs.) with a number of medical issues, including a partially torn right ACL. Not only did we successfully rehab that knee without surgery, but we are now doing the same for a full tear on the left knee- and the best news? Tucker now weighs 30.6 lbs. Thanks Mom!


History: Archer was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy in June of 2010 at Casco Bay Veterinary Hospital. The owner related that he was told at the time that Archer "had 100 days without PT and 200 days with it." The owner started rehabilitation immediately.

Treatments: Primary tool was cold laser as well as massage, passive range of motion (PROM), new supplements, corrective exercises and some hydrotherapy. Archer is still very much with us, playing with his toys, bossing his little brother around, singing to the Pink Panther theme in the hydro-treadmill and being sassy to his dad (gotta love a GSD)!

Cassie : Before and After

Cassie arrived at PRK-9R with a history of luxating patellas (shifting knee caps) and surgery on the right rear knee for a ligament rupture. She began carrying the right rear leg post-surgery and was referred for PT to get her more functional. The first video is at intake and the second video is 5 days later after she spent a week at PRK-9R for daily rehab. At that point she was consistently placing the right rear and the owner was fully equipped with a home program to increase weight bearing on the right rear to equal that on the left rear. She is currently fully functional and happily living the joyful life of a 6 year old Yorkie.

Bruce the Almighty - Today No Surgery

History: Bruce was referred from Tender Touch Veterinary Hospital with a diagnosis of a partially torn cranial cruciate ligament in his left knee and a probable meniscal tear. The diagnosing specialist said that surgery was not appropriate at that time so the owners decided to begin a course of conservative management of the problem with the hopes that surgery could be avoided. At the time of presentation Bruce was non-weight bearing on the leg and his owners lived in a third floor apartment.

Treatments: Cold laser, PROM, hot/cold therapies and corrective exercises were started immediately. The owners were asked to retro-fit their apartment with non-skid runners. The owner had to use a sling to take Bruce up and down the stairs 3-4 times daily. Swimming and water walking became a very important therapy tool as the weather warmed up. At his annual vet check-up about a year after diagnosis, his vet was amazed. Bruce managed to avoid surgery. The video shows his final evaluation with us in September.


History: Liebchen was referred after radiographs revealed spondylosis (bony "hooks" growing off the vertebrae) as well as inflammation in both hips. Additionally, a few years earlier she had survived an attack by a large dog which resulted in significant soft-tissue damage and scarring. She has sprained the left forelimb in 2009 which left her with a chronic weakness in that leg as evidenced by almost constant quivering and decreased weight bearing. The owners were concerned that they were seeing general deterioration from all these issues.

Treatments: A comprehensive approach was developed, including cold laser treatments, manual therapies which were taught to the owners, hot/cold therapies, new supplements and corrective exercises to foster better weight bearing, strength and stamina.


History: Jack is a ten year old lab I met in the Spring of 2010 at MVRC. He had been diagnosed with advanced osteoarthritis by a specialist who pronounced it one of the worst cases he had ever seen. His life at home was pretty much limited to lying in his bed. His owners would carry food and water to him and carry him out to potty. They had been close to making the decision to euthanize, but hoped that rehabilitation might give Jack more quality to his life.

Treatments: Over the course of eight treatments Jack benefitted from cold laser, manual therapies, corrective exercises, new supplements, retrofitting of the home and swimming in a vest. Jack's life today is very different- he takes himself out to potty, walks all around the house on the runner rugs, feeds himself in the kitchen and loves swimming in the lake several times a week. He has also just started hydrotherapy at the clinic!


This is little Rascal, a 5 year old Cairn Terrier. After evaluation at Pine Point Veterinary Hospital, he was adopted at a young age from a rescue group. At that time it was obvious he had suffered previous spinal trauma resulting in severe ataxia(drunk in the hind end), decreased proprioception and muscle loss in the hind end. We took video both before and after just 4 treatment sessions. He can now stand, walk and turn without falling over- this is just the beginning. We have no idea, given the unclear history, how much better he can be!


Heeeere's Dahlia! She was rescued at 11mos. of age from the South and in need of double hip surgery. She started rehab immediately post-op- laser treatment, neuromuscular massage and swimming. When she went for her 2 week post-op check, her surgeon declared her 5 weeks ahead of schedule in terms of healing. He told the owners she was fit to run and play- and she has become a fearless swimmer!


Renny is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and a puppy mill survivor. He is now almost 13 years old and living with his foster mom, who is also his forever mom! She says Renny has congenital malformed hips and very bad arthritis in his back (note the curved spine in the video). Her goal with this therapy was to achive comfort and better mobility for Renny. After 3 sessions with Pawsitive Results he now races through the home without falling constantly and he no longer whines for mom to get him up from a down. He just does it himself!