All the positive components of movement in water - bouyancy, hydrostatic pressure, viscosity and surface tension - will aid a dog's comfort while exercising. In addition, the senior canine group will enjoy the assisted weight bearing, improved muscle and cardiovascular strength, improved joint range-of-motion, decreased joint swelling and improved balance.


Pawsitive Results K-9 Rehabilitation introduces our state of the art, 15' x 30' salt water pool. The bouyancy helps limit strain on joints. Dogs exercising will always wear a life vest and be in the water with a staff member. The Aqua Trol Salt System uses an ozone injector to alter the water for optimal cleanliness with minimal chemicals.

The Pawsitive Results K-9 Rehabilitation pool is geared towards safe exercise as well as a workout. It is heated to approximately 85 degrees. The temperature allows for extended activity without the danger of you or your dog becoming overheated.

  • Safe Exercise for Joints
  • Weight Management
  • Teach Your Pup to Swim
  • Beaches Restricted? Not Us!

The pool is open from April through October each year.

Swim Options

Intro swim: In order to begin self-swimming, you must first attend an introductory swim session.

During this initial visit, we will cover the operation of pool, rules, and also evaluate your dog's ability to use the facilities safely. The session lasts 1 hour. If your dog is new to swimming, we will give instruction on how to introduce him to the pool and build confidence in the water.

It is possible that, after the first session, we will recommend additional instruction prior to doing self-swims.

Self-Swim Sessions: Self-swim sessions are available for 30, 40, and 60 minute lengths. The appointment includes time for changing and mop-up, which takes approximately 10 minutes.

30 and 40 minutes sessions are usually best suited for exercising a single dog who is capable of 20 to 30 minutes of activity.

60 minutes sessions are ideal for clients with more than one dog, or two people sharing pool time. A ratio of one person to one dog is required and no more than 2 dogs are allowed in the pool at the same time.

Assisted-Swim Sessions: Assisted swims are available for someone who would like an extra hand in the water, or if you'd like to watch while we exercise the dog for you.

The pool was designed specifically for canine exercise. There are oversized filtration and sanitation systems to handle the extra challenges that our furry friends present. No harsh chemicals are used, and ozone and salt keep the water soft, clean and clear. There are toys, life jackets and clean towels available too.

Water Exercises are Excellent for

  • General Conditioning and Strengthening
  • Safe Weight Loss
  • Safe Conditioning for Senior Dogs

Directions to 181 Fowler Road, Cape Elizabeth:
From the Casco Bay Bridge in South Portland proceed to the intersection of Broadway and Rte. 77. Turn right onto Rte. 77 headed towards Cape Elizabeth. Continue on until you reach the center of the town, Pond Cove Shopping Center. Continue on 77 just past the high school to Fowler Road, which will be on your right. Turn onto Fowler Road and continue about ¾ mile. 181 Fowler Road sits directly across from Fenway Road Pull into the driveway and use the entrance by the garage door.

It is required that you consult with your veterinarian to determine if your dog is fit to swim, particularly after surgery. A referral form can be downloaded from the home page.

Seth Casteel's Photoshoot!

Famous pet photographer, Seth Casteel, has come to Maine to work on his next book. Since the pool here at Pawsitive Results was built specifically for the needs of dogs, it was a natural place for him to work. Watch the story at WCSH - Maine.


Meet Cricket, our own 3 year old Chessie who was rescued from a backyard breeder in NE. For 2 years she has been terrified of new people, noises, most things that she does not see every day. Her only real peace was when she could be in water. We put this therapeutic pool in last July. That is when she learned to fly fearlessly! Look at that confidence!


12 year old Luna swims with her mom to maintain her endurance and muscle strength so she can take short, easy hikes with her family this summer.