Portrait of Malino

A. Palozzi - Scarborough, ME

"Thank goodness we found Gayle! Our 12 year old GSD had had knee surgery and then was diagnosed with a partial tear on the opposite knee. Since she was 12 years old, 100+ pounds and in pain, it was so very important for her to begin rehabilitation immediately. Gayle came to our home and established Malino's baseline. We then began a 3 month course of rehabilitation including laser, massage, home exercises and tasty treats to motivate Malino! Gayle's hands-on work had a huge impact on Malino's recovery and return to normal function for her age. Her improvements far exceeded our expectations and her progress was noticeable from Day 1. We were even able to eliminate her pain medications to an occasional dose!"

"Gayle is truly a talented and caring individual. I believe the therapy Gayle provided to Malino gave her back her "old self". We whole heartedly recommend Gayle to anyone with a beloved 4 legged friend in need!"

Portrait of Abby


"Abby competes in a dog sport called Dock Dogs. At one point, Abby was one of the top dogs in New England and sat 12th in the world. A couple of years ago at an event, Abby was asked to do a couple of demonstration jumps for the crowd. Abby's first jump looked great and was a strong beginning to the weekend. On her second jump, Abby tried to stop mid run on the dock, but with too much speed. She slipped off the dock, twisting her back and flopping into the water. She came out of the pool, her tail had dropped, she was limping, and her overall demeanor was in the dumps. When we returned to Maine we visited our normal vet. While it was obvious she was hurt, what she hurt exactly seemed to stay a mystery. From there we visited a dog chiropractor, who while providing some relief, couldn't quite get Abby back to normal."

"At this point, I thought this was something she would have to live with. That was until we met Gayle from Pawsitive Results K-9 Rehabilitation. After her first evaluation, Gayle was able to find something no one else had found in Abby, and at this point I was willing to do whatever to get her back to 100%. We began therapy on the ground using a variety of techniques and that later led to some hydrotherapy. It wasn't long after Abby started working with Gayle that we started seeing some significant differences in how Abby played, jumped, and her overall attitude in physical activity. Last year, Abby was invited to the Dock Dogs World Championships, the most coveted event in the sport and only the best of the 20,000 worldwide teams get to compete. This seemed impossible before starting rehab with Gayle, and while being at the World Championships was an honor, seeing Abby get on the dock in high spirits, with a spark in her eye and a hop in her step was worth every minute we spent in therapy. If it wasn't for Gayle and Pawsitive Results K-9 Rehabilitation, it's hard to say where Abby would be, but one thing is for sure, she wouldn't have made such an unbelievable comeback, both physically and mentally."

Portrait of Leibchen

B. Furlong - Gorham, ME

"Gayle has been our miracle and Leibchen's guardian angel. Through weekly treatments of massage and laser Leibchen runs around the house with her brother, Tobias."

"She stands squarely on her paws and sits squarely to beg and even stands on her hind legs to beg for special occasions and treats. This was not possible B.G. (Before Gayle!) We will always be so grateful and fortunate to have found Gayle for all she has given to Leibchen in therapy and in love,hugs and treats."

Portrait of Ruby

B. Day - Sierras Kennels, Gray, ME

"Ruby was an active 7 year old; Accomplished in Hunt tests / Field Trials & Obedience Trials, so recovery to full activity was a priority not only for us, but for Ruby's happiness."

"Once surgery was complete; we entered into Ruby's recovery phase with laser treatments/physical therapy/under water treadmill work & lake swimming which retrievers LOVE. I am happy to say that life is once again back on track for our Ruby Sue. Seeing my girl smile as she enjoys snow shoeing, playing with her daughter, and doing her field training makes me thankful for access to knowledgeable people who truly care, go above & beyond if necessary; always keeping in mind the physical/emotional & spiritual needs not only for the dog client, but the parent client of these wonderful creatures."

Portrait of Jack

J. Hughes - Gorham, ME

"I've heard it said before that people come into your life for a reason, and I truly believe that to be the case with Gayle. She first met Jack in June of 2010, and she essentially gave him his life back."

"He had a terrible flare up of his osteoarthritis which was so debilitating that he couldn't stand. We truly thought we were going to lose Jack and we were heartbroken. Jack has a strong will to live and he was a happy guy, but we were bringing his food and water to him, and doing everything for him, and much of his time was spent lying on his bed. It was suggested to me to give Gayle a call, and that she might be able to help Jack at this point, and help she did."

"She came to our house and did eight sessions of cold laser therapy with Jack, manual therapies, and corrective exercises. We had no idea what a difference these things would make for Jack. She showed me how to do certain exercises and manipulations with him to get his muscles stretched out and his joints warmed up, and that's how we begin every day. Jack got better and stronger all through last summer, and he's doing things that we never thought he'd be able to do - he walks with us 20 to 30 minutes each day, and he even started jumping up on his favorite spot on the couch!"

Portrait of Emma

L. Parsons - Cumberland, ME

"Gayle through her gentle but effective techniques, has brought back not only my Emmas' mobility, but the "spark" and fire I once knew before her injury. I cannot tell you the joy she has coming to her treatments. For a dog who is usually nervous and hesitant, she runs to Gayle the moment she sees her. For those out there who are looking to improve your dogs quality of life please consider this practice."

Portrait of Beau

T. Budd - Comberland, ME

"My eight year old boxer lost a toe to cancer in 2008 and has been having conservative management of a bulging neck disc with Gayle Hickok. He has successfully avoided surgery to this point. He is managed with cold laser treatments, hydro therapy and corrective exercises. He loves the staff at MVRC and Gayle, his therapist (girlfriend)! Thanks to their loving care he remains bright, alert, energetic and full of life!"

Portrait of Shooter

M. Stordahl - Cumberland, ME

"My dog Shooter was diagnosed with Congenital Myotonia - a neurological condition that interferes with the signals sent from Shooter's nerves to his muscles. His body was in a constant state of tensed muscles. He had difficulty holding himself upright and walking. Gayle initially did canine massage on Shooter's body and helped his poor body relax. She suggested I have Shooter seen by the Neurologist again and explore medication to help Shooter become more comfortable. The new medication and Gayle's soothing and very sensitive massage techniques have immeasurably improved the quality of Shooter's life. His balance and flexibility have significantly improved. Shooter is able to join the rest of the canine pack here for our daily walks -- something he couldn't do before. Shooter will be six years old this summer, something I didn't think my special boy would do. Thank you Gayle!"

Portrait of Tasha

Elizabeth Stehle-Giroux

"At nearly 17, Tasha's ball chasing days are well behind her. The arthritis in her elbows and feet make it difficult for her to get around on land. But when she's in the water she's all about playing fetch again. Gayle's pool has quite literally been a new lease on life for my very best friend. Tasha's eyes light up and I have to catch her as she launches herself out of the car when we pull into Gayle's driveway. "Throw the Frisbee, momma!" is her song as she swims round and round. The cleverly designed pool with its steps, ramps and warm water offers her a way to stretch those old limbs without causing her pain. This exercise combined with Gayle's knowledgeable deep-tissue massage provide Tasha so much more relief than any medicine ever could. I am always in awe when I see the happiness in her eyes when she's in Gayle's pool. I will forever be grateful to Gayle for providing my girl such joy."

P. M. - Freeport, ME

"I am so pleased with the progress my dog has made with Gayle in just four sessions. After six months and alot of money spent without results elsewhere, my dog finally has pain relief. She is back to her border collie self!"

S. S. - Old Orchard Beach, ME

"I found Gayle to be very positive and reassuring. She fully explained what was happening and the expected outcomes. She left me with great homework, complete with pictures!"